What’s Wrong With the Bills

I love sports, but I really love good sportswriting. Give me someone who can cut through the bull and isn’t afraid of alienating the home team, and I’ll take a lifetime subscription. Especially so if they write about my favorite team.

So I fell head over heels for Jennifer Floyd Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, who wrote a scathing indictment of the Cowboys this morning, after their loss to Denver. I’m not a Dallas fan – in fact, I love it when they lose. But so much of what she wrote could be said about the Bills…

“This isn’t an offense problem. This isn’t a defense problem. This is a far bigger problem. This is a character problem, and it has been brewing since Coach Wade took over.”

“When you allow your team to make excuses, you always have an excuse.”

“The reality is there are reasons this stuff happens, and why it keeps happening to the Cowboys. They are missing something, and not just tackles.”

What’s wrong with the Cowboys is what’s wrong with Buffalo, except more so. They’ve lost the killer instinct. They’ve gotten complacent. They punt on fourth and one with the game on the line. They dance on the sidelines during a blowout. They don’t expect to win, and they’re ok with that.

Guess what? I’m not.


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