Maddow v. Oklahoma Abortion Law and other stuff that happened while I was out…..

While I was busy enjoying my Friday:

Rachael Maddow attacked Oklahoma’s new law requiring the online posting of names and personal information of women obtaining abortions there. It’s obviously an attempt to harass women to the point where they are afraid to receive services there. It was in nearby Kansas that Dr. Killer was shot and killed, and there’s no doubt that some of those furthest over the edge will see the postings as a hit list. In the end, patients will be targeted for harassment at home and at work, at the least. Whatever one thinks of abortion, there is a reason for the right to privacy. The ends don’t justify the means. This is a law that needs to be attacked and wiped off the books. 

President Obama shocked the world by winning the Nobel Peace Prize. There were naturally mixed reactions world-wide, and GOP Chair Michael Steele couldn’t resist taking a cheap shot. The President is giving the $1.4 million prize to charity; I’m sure his opponents will find a way to criticize that, too.

Turkey and Armenia signed an historic diplomatic agreement. What’s an Armenia? 

Insurgents have attacked and are holding hostages at Pakistan Army HQ. Pakistan needs to wake up and realize that the terrorists are well on their way to taking over the country. Maybe it’s just me, but I would think the good people of Pakistan would dislike being ruled by murderous fanatics more than they dislike the American assistance in getting rid of said fanatics.

The Brookings Institute published a book putting forth some keen ideas on customer-driven health care.  Haven’t read the book, but the executive summary mentions the possibility of cutting costs by reducing professional responsibility for routine tasks and record-keeping, while also making it possible for patients to receive higher quality care. Modern technologies such as cell phones, remote monitoring devices, video conferencing, and the Internet make it easier for people to manage their own health-care records and schedules. It would take some major public policy shifts, but I like the sound of it.

Thats all I’ve got. Enjoy your weekend.


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