More Inane Ramblings

Evidently, somebody’s reading this now, so I’m obliged to produce something on a more regular basis…

1) After seven years of college and $70,000 in debt, I find many economists say a bachelor’s degree isn’t a necessary prerequitite for success. “The notion that a four-year degree is essential for real success is being challenged by a growing number of economists, policy analysts and academics. They say more Americans should consider other options such as technical training or two-year schools, which have been embraced in Europe for decades,” says a recent Associated Press story. As much as I dream of my kids getting a degree and living the cliche’d American Dream, there are plenty of welders, plumbers and ITT graduates making a darn good living. It pays to look at all of your options instead of rushing into college loans with blinders on. Wish someone told me that 30 years ago.

2)  Went to Chinatown’s market this morning to stock up on some fresh groceries, and realized that when it comes to fresh food, they mean business:

Fresh Meat

Another innocent pig runs afoul of the local mob....

3) Keith Olbermann used to do an admirable job pointing out hypocracies of the right-wingers, but lately it’s become tiresome. His nightly ‘Worse Person In The World,” as evidenced by a full-out nonsensical rant aimed at Sarah Palin the other night, has become a tired schtick. It’s hard to take him seriously any more.

4) Did not make the pineapple salsa like I planned. Tried regular salsa first; it took me three tries, but I’m in the ballpark. My cilantro was cilantro, not parsley, and my jalapeno’s were jalapens, not serranos. But I can tell the difference now. I’ll try it again tomorrow.

5) I’m a news junkie – I do a daily scan of at least seven or eight online news sites daily. Yet the only thing I know about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kegan is that she says she’s not gay. I’m relieved, though… the Court would never be able to function if Justice Sotomayor kept having to worry that Kegan would hit on her between cases.


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